Debt Recovery Services

The use of a debt recovery services is an excellent way of collecting bad debt and can help improve your cash flow quickly. Ogudoro Benjamin and Co. Chartered Accountants revenue Recovery Solutions specialise in providing debt recovery services.

Many companies experiencing financial difficulties will prioritize their creditors for payment. Our services can help do just this, and are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of prioritizing an account for payment.

Our chartered accountants and taxation firm/consultant Revenue Recovery Solutions is a professional debt recovery agency. As debt collectors, our chartered accountants and taxation firm/consultant is always mindful of future customer relationships and can request payment in a way that won’t offend or alienate your customers.

Our chartered accountants and taxation firm/consultant obtains payment of an account utilizing a successful and flexible debt recovery process. Our chartered accountants and taxation firm/consultant approach each case individually and request payment through a combination of letter and telephone requests. Our debt recovery effort is escalated with every attempt we make to collect your debt.

Our chartered accountants and taxation firm/consultant debt recovery services are a proven way of collecting a bad debt and normally result in the prompt payment of an account. However, should your customer fail to make payment after our involvement then we may recommend that legal action be taken Via the provision of our legal practitiners or your lawyers.

Benefits of Debt Recovery Services

  • Fast payment: Customers normally pay faster once a debt recovery agency is involved- Ogudoro Benjamin and Co. Chartered accountants
  • Increased cash flow: Debt recovery agencies can help increase your cash flow by reducing the amount of debts you have
  • Low commission charges: Our commission charges are low and only charged on successful debt recovery
  • Nationwide service: No matter where your debt is, we can help. We provide a nationwide debt recovery services
  • More time for you: By letting us handle your debt recovery you have more time to spend running your business.

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